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The story of SKALI is that of a survivor; a story of a brand that has managed to overcome many challenges and has
successfully surged forward in its quest to create and share beneficial initiatives and values with the communities
it interacts and engages with. The SKALI story began when the internet euphoria was still in its infancy, when
a group of aspiring five young guns and a lady joined forces to be part of the excitement in the 1990s.

Four of them remained to be the core of SKALI's management which is Tengku Farith Rithauddeen, Aimi Aizal
Nasharuddin, Saiful Khairi Zainuddin and Maznida Mokhtar. Astonishingly enough, none of them were from IT
background! The inaugural first ever project for SKALI was conceived when they clinched the licensing deal to
operate the Asian based mirror website for AltaVista, a search engine that was fast growing in popularity then.
They had a difficult start with many great challenges right from securing the deal to getting investments into
the company and in realising their business plans. It did not take them long before they realised their business
model was not working as planned. Matters had gotten worst in just a few months and the company was
threatened with bankruptcy.

Their unwilting team spirit and togetherness made them stalwarts who did not waiver and call it quits. With a
revived business model, plus more sweat and tears, and with mutual support and encouragement from each
other, they have grown by leaps and bounds. SKALI officially became a brand name when
http:// altavista.skali.com.my was launched in June 1997. The brand name was deemed appropriate as in
Malay "sekali" means TOGETHER. It was the spirit of "togetherness" that strengthened and unified them as one,
that prepared them to face and overcome their onslaught of challenges. And "togetherness" has become the
fundamental philosophy of SKALI's culture.

Now, SKALI is more than just a portal-search engine, it is the pioneer in e-business in Malaysia with clients
spanning the ASEAN region as well as the United Kingdom and the United States.

Some quick facts about SKALI

•   First entrepreneur company to be awarded MSC Status
•   Successfully turnaround the company in 1999 with only 11 personnel
•   Survived the Asian Currency Crisis in 1998/99
•   Largest private run incubation program in Malaysia
•   Only integrated entrepreneurship program in Malaysia
•   Assisted more then 70 companies and
•   Trained more than 500+ new entrepreneurs


We Create

SKALI creates innovative solutions that meet the needs of any organisation and market place. Our diversified list
of clients bears testimony to our excellent achievements, that place
them on the new frontiers of e-business

We Value

SKALI delivers its promises by building business confidence and efficiency to widen your market reach globally.
Our solutions help lower total cost ownership, increase competitiveness
and maximise investment

We Share

SKALI believes in the power of sharing. We build solid partnerships through open communications.
We openly share our ideas, experience, knowledge, expertise and successes, to bring
you proven technologies and business solutions that work.


•   CMMI Level 3
•   PSMB Malaysia - Training Center Certification
•   SKM(Vocational) Training Lab Certification
•   MSC Status Incubator
•   Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Status
•   MOF Bumiputera Status
•   MOF Contractor License
•   Score Level 3.5 Ranking - SME Corp, Malaysia
•   Awarded For Responsible Enterpreneurship Asia - Pacific (AREA) Award
•   ASP License MCMC Malaysia
•   TERAS Status, Teraju
•   Innocert, SME Corp